MARION COUNTY, Ark. — A northern Arkansas man was given two life sentences for murdering two people.

Dale Mark Stikeleather, 64, was charged with four felonies: aggravated residential burglary, theft of property more than $25,000, and two counts of capital murder. In a plea agreement, Stikeleather pleaded guilty to the two murder charges. He was sentenced to two sets of 100 years in prison without parole for each charge.

According to court documents, on May 11, 2022, two people were found dead of gunshot wounds in a Flippin, Arkansas, home. Law enforcement found 9mm shell casings at the scene and discovered that a 2013 Ford F-350 was missing from the home. Law enforcement interviewed the neighbors of the residence, except for Stikeleather, who was not home.

Law enforcement used the missing truck’s VIN to ping it in several locations in the Houston, Texas, area. A social media account for Stikeleather said he was from the Houston area. His cell phone was also pinged in Houston near the stolen truck.

On May 16, law enforcement arrested Stikeleather in Sugarland, Texas, for the theft of the truck. During an interview, he told law enforcement that he went to the victim’s home with a 9mm handgun to ask if he could purchase the truck.

One of the victims declined to sell him the truck. Stikeleather shot the victim. He then went to the residence’s back deck and shot the second victim. After shooting the second person, he took a knife and stabbed them. Then Stikeleather took the truck and drove to Texas.