LAWRENCE COUNTY, Mo. — An Everton, Missouri, man is sentenced to eight years in the Department of Corrections after pleading guilty to first-degree sodomy.

James Maggard, 36, was originally charged with seven felonies including kidnapping, sex trafficking and multiple counts of rape. At his sentencing hearing on April 6th, Maggard accepted a plea deal and pled guilty to one count of sodomy.

Back in 2019, Maggard and four others were arrested for playing some part in kidnapping, sedating, and raping a woman for multiple days. The victim said she was riding in a car with a man named Zachery Wade when he pulled over at a gas station, went inside and brought her back a drink in a plastic cup. She said she drank some of the drink and quickly passed out. The victim said she woke up in a home where she said she was injected with narcotics and raped several times.

Zachery Wade accepted an Alford Plea and was sentenced to eight years in the Department of Corrections.

Maggard’s mother, 58-year-old Wanda Maggard, was one of the other individuals involved in the crime. She pleaded guilty in 2021 in exchange for a reduced charge of second-degree kidnapping.

Maggard was allegedly the one who kidnapped and raped the woman first.