BUFFALO, Mo. — A Buffalo man was arrested after law enforcement forced entry into his home.

Tyler L. Mease was formally charged with two felony counts: first-degree harassment and resisting arrest.


The first charge stems from a series of messages that Mease sent to Dallas County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Randy Davidson on Facebook:

Mease: – Howdy

Davidson: – What’s up

M: – Are you enjoying the festivities?

D: – Which ones

M: – You know what I’m talking about Randy

– You are being watched

– Intensely

– In would figure out real quick if I was you and I would go to your Lord and make things right

– Do you know who your God is?

– Cat got your tongue Randy???

According to a probable cause statement, Davidson found these messages to be a threat to his safety. Davidson did not personally know Mease, but other law enforcement deputies and officers were familiar.

The Buffalo Police Department said officers had seen Mease several times on the same shift. Mease reportedly occupied the same parking lot as officers and deputies on multiple occasions. Someone told police that Mease possibly had a handgun and shotgun.

Resisting Arrest

According to the same probable cause statement, BPD officers and DCSO deputies went to Mease’s house on West Benton Street in Buffalo to arrest him. Mease refused to leave his home and began yelling at law enforcement. The probable cause statement reports that Mease began screaming and talking about prophets and God.

Footage posted on social media shows while law enforcement attempts to speak to him, Mease shouts what sounds like a hymn.

Law enforcement rushed forward to arrest Mease while he was outside, but he retreated back inside the home.

“We’re under arrest, apparently,” Mease’s brother said after looking through a window while recording law enforcement pointing a weapon at him. “Hey, do not grab your firearm, Tyler. Don’t do it.”

Shortly after, the video shows law enforcement force entry through a door. Law enforcement rushes in to apprehend Mease. Someone fires pepper spray at Mease and his brother. Mease was forced to the ground and refused to be handcuffed.

In the footage, a deputy is shown striking Mease at least three times with a nightstick. An officer then punches Mease apparently in the side until they were able to get Mease to release his hands and be put into handcuffs. Once Mease is placed in handcuffs, law enforcement lifts him up and takes him to a bathroom off-camera to apparently clean pepper spray off of his face.

Mease was scheduled for a counsel status hearing at 1:30 p.m. today, Feb. 9. This article will be updated as more information is released.