JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin man was arrested in connection to a report from a victim who said her son had assaulted her and was threatening her with a knife.

William J. Jenkins, 42, of Joplin, was arrested on Dec. 14 after the Joplin Police Department received a call about a domestic assault at 3:48 p.m. The caller was the victim, who said her son had first physically assaulted her and then retrieved a knife to threaten her with, according to a press release from the JPD.

When officers arrived, they saw Jenkins get into a Hyundai sedan. He then began to lead the police on a pursuit, which ended with Jenkins crashing into the gate of the Joplin Police Department. Jenkins was found to be drunk. The vehicle was also found to be stolen from the victim.

Jenkins is charged with fourth-degree domestic assault, first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, first-degree property damage and a misdemeanor count of B.A.C.