UPDATE 2/1/23 — Satterwhite’s charges in the case below were dropped.

Original story:

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Springfield man was arrested after a report of domestic assault on Halloween and charged with two felonies.

Spencer Thomas Satterwhite, 37, of Springfield, is formally charged with one felony count of first-degree domestic assault resulting in serious injury and one felony count of second-degree domestic assault.

Court documents show that a victim of an assault told Springfield Police Department officers that Satterwhite arrived at her home around 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 30. The victim talked to the police the day after. The probable cause for the incident was written on Nov. 28. A warrant was issued for Satterwhite’s arrest on Dec. 9 and it was served on Dec. 16.

Satterwhite allegedly demanded that the victim tell him the details of an event that happened weeks prior. She told him it was “none of his business” and he began to attack her. Satterwhite allegedly struck her with his fists before getting behind her, wrapping his legs around her waist and an arm around her neck and began to squeeze. He later choked her with his hands while she was lying on the floor.

“I will come back today and every day,” Satterwhite said during the assault, according to the victim. She said he also said, “I don’t need to put hands on you because I have plenty of people who would do it for me,” and “I will show you what being a One Percenter is all about.” A One Percenter is a term used in motorcycle clubs and gangs.

Satterwhite then began apologizing and threatening to kill himself. He then said he was not sorry and that it was her fault. He left after she fell asleep and a neighbor took the victim to the hospital when she woke up three hours later.

Satterwhite is scheduled for a confined docket hearing on Dec. 22, a counsel status hearing on Jan. 9, and a preliminary hearing on Jan. 18.