SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The 30th anniversary of the disappearance of the Springfield Three on Tuesday has led Springfield Police to remind the public about all current unsolved cases with the department. In all, SPD currently has 10 cases involving 12 persons. All but three have been found dead, the Springfield Three being the only cold case for missing persons.

The earliest still open unsolved case was in 1975, with the most recent Springfield cold case dated March 2002.

Anyone with any information on any of the cases can submit a cold case tip form to the Springfield Police Department on their website.

Shirley Jane Rose: 9-year-old Rose was abducted in October 1975, walking from her grandparent’s home. Rose never made it home and, two months later, her body was discovered in a shallow grave near McDaniel Lake. Despite several persons of interest being discovered and numerous interviews conducted, no charges were ever filed.

Tina Sue Spencer: In November 1976, skeletal remains were found in a shallow grave near McDaniel Lake, belonging to 17-year-old Spencer. She had initially been reported missing in January 1976.

When Spencer was last seen, she was picked up from the Springfield Airport by a taxi driver, who told police she had been waiting for a friend to pick her up and they never showed up. The driver brought Spencer to their residence, where she left to go to a payphone and call the friend that was supposed to pick her up. She was never seen again. Despite multiple interviews, no charges were ever filed and her case remains unsolved.

Clara L. Batton: In February 1992, a nurse reported to police that a 67-year-old resident, Batton, was lying dead in the kitchen. Authorities determined Batton had died as a result of homicide.

Batton’s 96-year-old blind and deaf father William Batton was in the home at the time of her death but was lying in bed unharmed. Batton’s vehicle was also missing and was later located at a local convenience store abandoned. A suspect was never found.

Paul Anstutz: In October 1992, police responded to a shooting that ensued during an attempted burglary. After shooting Anstutz, the suspect fled the home. The suspect was never located.

Frank Stanton: In June 1993, police found Stanton dead inside a vehicle on the side of the road at about 4:30 a.m. Stanton had died from a gunshot wound while driving to his job at the Springfield News-Leader. The case remains unsolved.

Gloria Jean Barnes: In July 1997, police were alerted to four truck drivers who had discovered Barnes’ body wrapped in blankets in a parking lot behind a truck stop. Barnes’ brother told authorities Gloria had contacted him two days before her body was discovered, saying someone was trying to get her. Police said Barnes’ family members indicated she had been paranoid about people following her.

SPD received numerous leads and tips related to Barnes’ death, including an intercepted message from an unknown person that had claimed to be responsible for her death. The case is still unsolved.

John A. Moody: In November 1998, police found the body of Moody floating in a body of water. After autopsy, Moody was found to have died from a gunshot wound. Moody had not been seen for at least one month prior to the discovery of his body. The case remains unsolved.

James Leon Medler: In January 2001, Medler was found by police lying in the front doorway of a residence dead from a gunshot wound. Medler’s son told police several suspects had forced entry through the front door, causing himself and a female associate to flee the residence, finding Medler’s body when they later returned.

Neighbors of Medler said they had observed numerous black males fleeing the scene of the shooting, leaving in three vehicles, a maroon four-door Cadillac or Buick, a yellow Ford Mustang and a white four-door Dodge Neon. The case remains unsolved.

Herbert Blakey: In March 2002, police were dispatched to a residence on reports of a life-threatening assault in progress. Blakey was found bleeding and later died of his injuries at the hospital. Blakey had been seen coming and going from the residence with several individuals numerous times on the day of the assault, before being attacked by an unknown person on his last trip exiting the residence. The case remains unsolved.

Sherrill Levitt, Stacy McCall and Suzanne Streeter: For more information on the disappearance of three women known as the Springfield Three, click here. The case is still unsolved.

Anyone with any information on any of the cases can submit a cold case tip form to the Springfield Police Department on their website.