-A banker finds his wife shot in their affluent Fremont Hills home.  Multiple trials will determine if he pulled the trigger.

  -Two brothers kidnap a Noel, MO banker to rob his safe but the man winds up bound to a chair in a lake.  Why would a family friend defend their heinous crime?

– A survivalist goes on a killing spree dragging his “cousin” girlfriend along -staying one step ahead of police on his murderous escape into the Ozarks hills.  Hear the sheriff recount the hardest case he’s ever solved.

KOLR10 News was in courtrooms, in news conferences and talking with families when these crimes and many others unfolded.  Take this journey with us – featuring exclusive sound in Crime Traveler, an Ozarksfirst True Crime Podcast. 

Season One contains eight heart-pounding episodes re-telling true crimes from Missouri.  Once a week each new episode will drop.  After you listen -look to Ozarksfirst.com for the exclusive videos used to compile each episode.  See the suspects, the investigators, the journalists who revealed case details that left most locals in shock.

Jon Feeney Family murders in Springfield

 Episode One:

Crime Traveler:  The Feeney Family Killings

A high school science teacher is tried for the murder of his wife and two small children.  Did Jon Feeney arrange for them to be killed while he was away at a work conference?  What would be his motive?  Prosecutors say it was $500,000 and a chance to be free of family responsibility.  Feeney’s attorneys say someone else committed the crime and Jon is a victim.  What did the jury say? See the details here

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Episode Two:

Crime Traveler:   Justice for Jackie

It took more than 25 years for a suspect to be arrested in the murder of 20- year-old Jackie Johns from Nixa, MO.  The pageant girl’s car was found at a local gas station with blood inside and signs of a struggle.  Her bruised and beaten body was pulled from Lake Springfield and locals say everyone knew the likely perpetrator but police couldn’t get enough evidence to prove his involvement.   Until finally, science caught up with the killer. Watch the News Stories Here

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