Contest Winners

Contest Winners Price Cutter Football Party Giveaway
October 18 2020 Weekly Winner
October 25 2020 Weekly Winner
November 1 2020 Weekly Winner
November 8 2020 Weekly Winner
November 15 2020 Weekly Winner
November 22 2020 Weekly Winner
November 29 2020 Weekly Winner
December 6 2020 Weekly Winner
December 13 2020 Weekly Winner
December 20 2020 Grand Prize Winner

Viewers Club Winners 2019-2020
January 7th Anna Brooks $400
January 21st Diane Fullington $1000
January 29th Jean Reed $600
February 6th Georgia Ann Milliron $400
February 13th Ralph Turner $500
February 21st Patricia Conard $600
March 12th Amanda Turpin $800
March 21st Marie Tichelkamp $700
May 3rd Roy Russsell $300
May 28th Greg Hashagen $1600
June 14th Carol Kirsch $1000
June 21st Brenda Nealis $500
July 25th Amanda Gallamore $1800
July 29th Robert Henderson $200
August 1st Darlene Swanson $100
August 8th Larry Meek $500
August 14th Billy Montgomery $400
August 30th Dennis Duffield $500
September 10th Billie Kelley $600
September 19th Ben Dowler $700
October 15th Larry Oswalt $1100
October 16th Andrea Padilla $100
November 5th Anthony Davis $300
November 8th Lisa Randal $100
November 27th Peggy Smith $1300
December 4th Debra Gan $200
December 23rd Eddie Lane $1300
March 3rd Barbara Simpson $100
March 10th Sherry Jones $500
March 24th Marla Lambrechet $1100
March 6th Angie Mace $300
April 23rd Matthew Gross $1300
May 8th Pamela Duncan $500
May 15th Tina Waters $100
May 20th Joe Cross $300
June 15th, Lynda Jochins $1000
June 29th, Lee Rollins $1000

Jimmy Buffet Escape To Margaritaville Winners 2019
G.Butcher Warsaw MO
K.Lewis Walnut Grove MO
C.Blankenship Springfield MO
D.Whinery Ozark MO
P.Bryd Lebanon MO
S. Bryan Hermatige MO
J. Wallace Springfield MO
E. Hagston Branson MO
K. Grither Springfield MO
L. Carpenter Springfield MO
M. Medley Ash Grove MO
M. Joplin Osceola MO

Mel Robbins Winner 5 Second Prize Book
L. Jacques-Dutra Springfield MO
Mel Robbins Grand Prize Winner Trip NYC Mr. Marion Simpson Alexandria, LA

Remarkable Women Winner – March 6,2020 Janis Varner

Escape To Chateau Contest Winners
January – R. Hood Monett MO
February – J. Fowler Springfield MO
March – M. Hammonds Marrionville MO
April – C. Alam-Shoushtari Lebanon MO
May – J. Tomey Branson MO
June – A. Albert Republic MO
July – J. Albers Springfield MO
August – E. Lorenzo Springfield MO
September – D. Hargrave Billings MO
October – M. Stoviak Springfield MO
November – E. Hartman Springfield MO
December – L. Tune Springfield MO

Lion King Winner
R. Hawks Republic MO

Lion King Gillardis Restaurant King Of the Jungle
P. Engleman Stockton MO

Friends Giveaway
B. Preffitt Springfield MO
B. Compton Springfield MO
M. Bigler Branson MO
M. Payne Springfield MO
A. Sorenson Branson MO
S. Hawks Republic MO

College Basketball Madness Winners
R. Brewer Waynesville MO
J. Peck Republic MO
S. Padgett Fair Grove MO
M. Mahoney St. Peters MO
JP Lewis Branson MO
R. Leimkuehier Half Way MO
J. Walrgh Gainsville MO
G. Jenkins Rogersville MO
J. Gould Springfield MO

Weather Tour 2020 Midland Weather Radio winners
4/1/20 – Jeff White
4/8/20 – Janice Johnson
4/15/20 – Donna Phelps
4/22/20 – James Ford
4/29/20 – Becky Gilmore
5/6/20 – Dallas Conway
5/13/20 – Lori Sparling
5/20/20 – Chris Rothenberger
5/27/20 – Justin Powers
6/3/20 – Pam Strunk
6/10/20 – Cheseter Irons
6/17/20 – Nancy Zerr
6/24/20 – Nichole Sayler
7/1/20 – Sheryl Jones
7/8/20 – Congrats to our Storm Shelter Winner – Whitney Reynolds

Fox Masked Singer Winners
J. Andela Branson MO
V. Cain Springfield MO
C. Lee Ozark MO
R. Neely Nixa MO

Jim Gaffigan Winner
C. Seaton Springfield MO

Exter Corn Maze Winners
L. Bowerman Ozark MO
JD Harmon Ozark MO
A. Grogan Ozark MO
D. Butler Marshfield MO
C. McDaniel Ash Grove MO
A. Killam Springifled MO
K. Brown Everton MO
J. Gilbert Springfiled MO
V. Cain Springfield MO
J. Cooper Ava MO
J. Moss Branson MO
K. Ashlock Bolivar MO
E. McDaniel Ash Grove MO
C. Palmer Battlefield MO
J. Choate Pleasant Hope MO
J. Houseman Springfield MO
L. Collins Morrisville MO
D. Barths Monett MO

Golden Apple Teacher Award
January – Becky Carson – Humansville RIV
February – Bethany Fisher – Rogersville Elementary
March – Jacob Blake – Springfield R12
April – Ben Henderson – Hickory Hills Elementary
May – Tia Gettle – New Covenant Academy
June – Summer break
July – Summer break
August – Mary Reith – Springfield Catholic Schools – Immaculate conception School
September – LaTonya Douglass – Pershing Elementary
October – Kara Delaschmit – Robberson Community School
November – Cindy Duncan – Boyd Elementary/Sequiota Elementary
December – Coach Ann Leonard – Ava R-1 Schools

2020 Home for the Holidays National Winner Brenna Madrid Minot, North Dakota

2020 Home for the Holidays Local Winner Heather Tate

2020 Christmas Extravaganza winner is Lisa Meeks Springfield MO

Honda of the Ozarks ATV Giveaway Roger Moore

Les Miserable VIP Ticket Winners – Beverly Hall & Emily McDaniel

Pro Football Challenge Overall Winner – Anthony Frisbie, Republic MO

Waitress Pie Contest Winner – Jessica Green with her Blueberry Basil Blue Ribbon pie /

Blueberry Basil Blue Ribbon Pie
For the bottom crust:
1 1/2 Cup Flour
1 Cup Super Cold Chopped Butter
Dash of Salt
Sprinkle of Sugar
1/2 Cup Ice Cold Water

Combine Flour, Butter, Salt, and Sugar in your favorite large mixing bowl. Gradually add the water to the mix to create a ball of dough. Once formed, flatten the ball into a disk, return disk to bowl and put in refrigerator.

For the Filling:
1/4 Cup Flour
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup Goat Cheese
1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
1 Large Egg
1/2 tsp Salt
2 Tbsp fresh chopped Basil
6 Cups Fresh or Frozen Blueberries

With a mixer and in a bowl, combine Flour, Brown Sugar, Goat Cheese, Heavy Cream, Egg, Salt and 1 tablespoon of the finely chopped Basil. Once completely mixed, fold in the blueberries and the remaining basil. Chill in refrigerator.

For the topping, combine:
1 Cup chopped Pecans
1 Cup Rolled Oats
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup Melted Butter
Set aside
Preheat oven to 350

Lightly flour one large piece of parchment paper and retrieve dough from refrigerator. With a lightly floured rolling pin, roll out the crust to fit a 9” pie dish. Form the pie crust into the dish and flute the edges however you wish. Place pie dish on a large baking sheet. Retrieve the filling from the refrigerator and give it a couple of fresh folds, trying not to pop too many blueberries. Pour filling into your crust, then generously add your topping to cover the entire surface of the filling. Place on middle rack of oven and bake for 45 minutes or until the filling is bubbling. **Cool completely. Letting this pie set by cooling 100% is crucial. If you cut this pie before it is fully cooled, you will have a messy filling but it will still taste amazing. Garnish with a fresh basil leaf and some blueberries.

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