Kallie Koester

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lways the one to have an answer, I’ve found that there’s more to an answer than the answer itself. There’s a story within each answer — rich history, insightful knowledge, and unexpected adventure. I’m here to tell that story and give that answer.
Growing up in a ‘rural city’ has highlighted the best of both worlds — the small, simple world of a tight-knit community where greeting others on a first-name basis comes naturally, and a large, industrialized world with a buzzing downtown atmosphere that welcomes creativity and ingenuity. Here, I’ve found my inspiration and values.
There will never be a day where I stop creating. Each day brings a new story to tell, a new project to design, and a new dream to turn into reality. Futures are confined to the limitations we set ourselves — when your mind is open, so is your future.

Everyone has a story. Let me tell yours!

Kallie Koester
Reporter/Anchor OZARKS FOX AM
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Saturday, September 28th