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Since 1986, Cornerstone Fine Jewelry has provided the Springfield area with superior craftsmanship, unique styling, and knowledgeable jewelry advice. Independently owned and operated, Cornerstone Fine Jewelry continues a tradition of personal attention and genuine care for our customers’ needs.

Our customers’ needs sometimes go beyond just finding the perfect piece of jewelry for a milestone in their lives. That’s why we formed Community CornerStone and choose to support different causes throughout the year by giving back. There are so many organizations in the Ozarks that help our customers in ways that we can not. We all need help at different times of our lives, and there is no shame in that. Check out this month’s Charity or cause by visiting our website.

We believe in celebrating every day, every moment, every milestone. Most people may not think a first communion, a graduation, or hitting a personal goal is “jewelry worthy”, but at Cornerstone Fine Jewelry, we believe that if it is important to YOU, then it should be celebrated. For EVERY milestone, there’s Cornerstone.

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