SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Misti Fry of Sidekick Dog Training and area dog Hank joined us in the studio for today’s Pet Connection to talk about responsible dog ownership.

The idea behind good dog ownership is to foster good habits in your pets.

“Dog training and building that relationship with your dog is a lifelong process,” Fry said.

Hank is a rescue puppy that Fry is training early to have good manners around people. She was also diligent in getting Hank a tag with a phone number on it to help make sure he stays safe and his owners stay responsible.

Sidekick Dog Training uses the Star Puppy Program to help owners be responsible. They cover things like proper tags, making sure you carry poop bags with you and having a good relationship with your veterinarian.

Something else Fry is working with Hank on is meeting new people. A trick she uses is to give the person the dog is meeting a “socialization treat.” The new person gives the puppy the treat while the owner makes sure the puppy isn’t jumping all over the new person. This is designed to make the dog learn that good things happen when they meet new people and also to keep all four feet on the ground when they meet new people.