SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The National Tiger Sanctuary is looking for someone to be the forever home of a dog named Bub. The sanctuary doesn’t usually care for regular dogs like Bub, but most people who saw him thought he was a wild animal.

“He was donated to us by a family who found him as a pup and thought, due to his coloring and extreme timidness, that he was a coyote or possibly a coyote/canine hybrid,” said a spokesperson from National Tiger Sanctuary. “We have a pack of hybrid wolves so we were prepared to care for him.”

As Bub grew older, it became clear he was a domestic dog and likely a husky mix. The sanctuary said Bub was so afraid of people employees had to use a separation board to work with him. A separation board is commonly used by conservationists to protect themselves while releasing native carnivores caught in snap traps.

After a lot of work and socialization, Bub was finally ready to get treatment for his torn ACL. He now has an implant and has conformed into a sweet, housetrained companion dog!

Bub grew up with big cats and wolves as his neighbors, so a home with older children or no children at all would be ideal. He also would like an active home with a routine, meaning someone who comes home at the same time each day.

You can reach out to the National Tiger Sanctuary with any questions about Bub by going to its website and going through its contact page.