WEST PLAINS, Mo. – One recent patient of the Ozarks Healthcare maternity ward in West Plains had such a positive experience, she knew she needed to do something nice for the nurses and the new moms. 

Helen Pshishenko recently moved to Willow Springs, Mo from Denver.  It was a big change, but her family has come to love the community.  A few months ago, Helen gave birth to her fifth child.  The care she received at Ozarks Healthcare is something this Willow Springs transplant hadn’t experienced. 

“They are amazing people.  It was really nice.  They are so compassionate and kind.  I was grateful to God for those wonderful people,” says Pshishenko. 

Vice President of Ozarks Healthcare says the thoughtful gifts Pshishenko dropped off were appreciated, “When somebody comes in and says ‘Hey, thank you for the job you have done, It really changed my life, I think the staff is always appreciative of that.”

Pshishenko also wanted to give something extra to new babies and moms.  She compiled gift baskets of goodies for new families.  Registered nurse Alicia Hicks was able to give one of the baskets away, “I presented it to them and they were so thankful.  They thought it was the cutest thing ever.  The mom was like I cannot wait to use the aromatherapy and the dad was excited to use the coffee cup.”