PLEASANT HOPE, Mo.– The conflict in Ukraine seems worlds away from the tiny towns peppering the Ozarks. 

Despite the miles between, one little 5-year-old girl from Pleasant Hope wanted to find a way to help the people of Ukraine. 

Paisley Lenox is a little ball of fire. That’s how her mother, Shiloh Lenox, describes her.

“Oh, Paisley. She is one smart, energetic, determined five-year-old,” Lenox said.

When Paisley decided she wanted to help Ukraine, her mom made a post on Facebook, inviting people to Cowboy Café on a Saturday morning where Paisley would be waitressing for tips. The tips would then be donated to Manna Worldwide. 

“I just like serving,” said Paisley.

And serve she did. Dozens and dozens of people came out to support Paisley’s mission. 

“I knew it was probably going to be a decent turnout but I didn’t think we would get to this point,” laughs Shiloh. 

Friends, family and strangers showed up in a big way – helping Paisley to donate a little over $1,400. 

“It was very humbling,” said Shiloh, “So there was a lot of people that we knew that came and supported.  But, then some of them didn’t even come and eat, they just dropped off money.”

Manna Worldwide (MANNA Worldwide – Ukraine) is an organization seeking to end childhood poverty on a worldwide scale. Manna Worldwide is currently helping Ukrainian refugees in Romania where they have a Manna home established.