CASSVILLE, Mo. – One farmer in Cassville is using his land to share his love of flowers with anyone who wants to see them.  A few years ago he started Pa’s Posey Patch, and his garden has since become quite the hot spot.

Pa’s Posey Patch is a 15-acre farm that is overflowing with poppies right now, but Dennis Epperly rotates flowers for the season, bringing people from all over the Ozarks to look at his little spot of dirt. 

“I’ve always liked flowers and I like people,” Epperly said. “I don’t know how this started for sure.  I’ve always grown flowers, about four years ago the professional photographers found us. We have a lot of them come and it just kind of bloomed from there. And I don’t halfway do things. I go a little whole hog.”

This flower patch is a labor of love for Epperly. Four years ago he planted his first little flower patch in Cassville. It started off as a little side hobby. It’s now a hobby that brought in over 500 visitors last weekend alone.

Epperly said, “Oh, I’ve always had flowers, but I’ve never had anything this big like I have for the last four years. But that’s the only way I can get people to come and see me. If I have pretty flowers.”

He also said that when Covid hit, visits to his little oasis exploded. Visitors are welcome, and it is free, but you can leave a donation that helps with his yearly upkeep, which costs about $20,000 dollars.

Over the past few years, “Pa” has welcome about 2,000 guests, and the attraction is on track to shatter that record.

You can visit Pa’s Posey Patch from 8:00 a.m. to dark 7 days a week, or check out their Facebook page.