SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The first official snow day could nearly be classified as a national holiday for kids.  The first snowfall this season brought with it school closings, and one local school district has an interesting way of learning the news.  Mountain Grove Superintendent has chosen to sing the announcement to oldies. 

Superintendent Jim Dickey understands the significance of a snow day announcement.  His announcement videos have taken off on social media.

“The songs I’ve done probably appeal more to kid’s parents than it does to them because of the songs I have chosen,” laughs Dickey.

Last winter, Dickey set his announcements to some of his favorite songs including Billy Joel’s Piano Man, Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places and Foreigner’s Cold As Ice, which has picked up nearly 50,000 views on Facebook.  Dickey’s musical background has come in handy. 

At first the songs did draw embarrassment from Dickey’s own children.  Now that their dad continues to turn out hit after hit, he hopes all students take it as intended and adds more joy to an already happy day. 

“My kids, I think at first were extremely embarrassed,” explains Dickey,  “They might say cheesy.  I think the kids might like it.  I hope anyway.  That’s my hope.”

The first hit of this year, set to Neal Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, only took 15 minutes for Dickey to write.