SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – In a room full of college and high school athletes, you may think the crowd came to see them. But the night wasn’t about the athletes, far from. The night was hosted by Champions Committed to Kids, and everyone was there for kids.

One of those special kids is Dmitry Robertson, and he is a pro at signing autographs. He has been a part of the Champions Committed to Kids program for three years.

“Yeah, I feel like I’m famous,” Dmitry Robertson says with a smile.

Dmitry is championed by the Missouri State Ice Bears. Senior Louis Chaix can’t imagine the rink without him, “Ya know, having Dmitry with us is very special. He is a full part of our team.”

While Dmitry loves to be at practice, his favorite time with the boys is during the summer months when they get together and play street hockey.

“I’m really good. I can block a lot of shots,” explains Robertson.

Chaix doesn’t disagree, “He is a goalie. He even made his own goalie pads out of cardboard. He shows us how to do it. I still can’t score on Dmitry but we’re trying to figure it out.”

They better figure it out quickly because if they don’t, the running joke is Dmitry is ready to jump in anytime.

“The goalie is really worried,” laughs Chaix, “He just looks over at Dmitry, and he knows if he messes up, Dmitry is here to take his spot.”

11 news kids joined the Champions Committed to Character experience. 11 more kids will get to build their own special bonds like Dmitry and his team share.

“He has a great impact on all of our team,” shares Chaix.

Champions Committed to Kids was created to give kids fighting chronic illnesses or disabilities a chance to feel what it’s like to be part of an athletic team.