SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Chocolate, flowers and stuffed animals are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. But in Creedstown Ranch in Rogersville, sending a real-life stuffed animal will be the way to go this holiday. 

Jason Farley is the mastermind behind the Llama-gram. 

“Llamas are kind of trendy right now,” laughs Farley. 

While it may not be the typical Valentine’s Day attire or delivery, Farley says it brings more smiles than you can imagine when he shows up with his special delivery. 

“Of course the kids love them,” explains Farley, “But I usually get better reactions out of the adults.”

Farley came up with the idea last year.  He wanted something to do in his downtime from being a professional rodeo clown. 

He says this is right up his alley, “I love what I do in the arena, but to be honest with ya, my passion is showing animals.”

Peaches is a two year old llama that is the star of the show.  She loves men and is very friendly.  Elsa is a shy alpaca that doesn’t like to go anywhere without Peaches. 

Peaches and Elsa have gone all over the Ozarks.  Both the girls, and Jason, have loved every minute, “”Llama’s well they will go just about anywhere.  Whether it be a nursing home, or somebodies resident or business.”

You can follow along Peaches and Elsa’s adventures over the weekend at Creedstown Ranch Critters and Such on Facebook.  (CreedsTown Ranch Critters and Such | Facebook)