MISSOURI – We are in the middle of Girl Scout cookie time, a time of the year many look forward to.  One special ten-year-old is taking the Girl Scout cookie world by storm.  1st-year scout, Bella Lee, has Down syndrome, but that may be her superpower.  Bella’s mom, Jennifer Johnston, says she makes friends very easily.

“She just loves to do everything that everyone else loves to do.  So that’s why we had her join Girl Scouts,” explains Johnston.

With this being Bella’s first attempt at selling the world-famous cookies, they were unsure what to set their goal at.  They decided to shoot for 400 boxes. 

It didn’t take long to reach her goal explains Johnston, “She has already done 470 and we’ve just started.  Her personality is very well suited for cookie selling.”

Bella still has over a month left to sell boxes of girl scout cookies, while making new friends in the process. 

Bella’s troop has decided to give part of the money made from the cookies to another group close to Bella’s heart, the Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks.  They will be hosting an upcoming event with the down syndrome group on March 26, 2022, from 1-3 pm at Pinegar Honda.  Members of the group will be helping the Girl Scouts sell cookies.