BUFFALO, Mo.- When eight-year-old Isaac Muzingo had his new, red bike taken off his porch, the Buffalo Police Department knew they wanted to do something to help.

As they were reading through police reports that had been filed around the community, Isaac’s stolen bike stood out to them.

“Hey, that’s not right! Some low-life stole some kids’ bike, and that’s not ok,” Chief Christ Twitchel explains their reactions, “Let’s go buy him a bike. Everybody gets together and starts throwing money in a pile.”

It didn’t take long before they had enough money for a new bike, not a red one, but a law-enforcement blue one.

“And then, kind of funny thing, you get a bunch of cops together, and they are like ‘Hey, let’s add a light to it, let’s get him a light.’ Before long, it’s more than it started out to be,” says Twitchel.

Because of the police department’s act of kindness, Isaac and his brothers now want to be policemen when they grow up.