THEODOSIA, Mo. – Turning 90 years old is a milestone birthday, and for Theodosia, Missouri resident Gloria Noah, it has been a month-long birthday party. 

“I keep on telling everyone I’m getting older, but I’m not getting old,” laughs Noah.

On any given Wednesday morning, 10 percent of Theodosia’s population can be found at the Theodosia United Methodist Church.  They aren’t coming for church, but for line dancing class. 

“Just keep moving,” says Noah, “Just don’t sit.  The worse thing you can do is sit.”   

Gloria has been a pillar of the Theodosia community for decades.  She has taught Sunday School, led youth groups, worked with the chamber of commerce organizing events, and pre-covid, she would visit local classrooms as Mother Goose. 

Mother Goose is what decades of Lutie school students know Gloria as she explains, “The whole team behind me said, no, we know you.  You’re Mother Goose.  Well, that just tickled me to no end.”

Before moving to Theodosia, Noah started her professional life in Chicago.  Working as a secretary, Noah was recruited by NBC.  While working for NBC, she worked both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions meeting Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. 

While at NBC, Noah saw a commercial recruiting flight attendants for American Airlines.  It looked fun, so she went to the interview.  Noah spent the next few years as a flight attendant.  She had many famous passengers, but Ernest Hemingway is one she will never forget. 

“I’m so blessed and I know it,” remarks Noah.

Gloria Noah has no intentions of slowing down.  In fact, she plans to still be at it for her 100th birthday.