SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Many exceptional people call the Ozarks home. Now, for the first time, a Springfieldian can claim the title of Fittest 60-Year-Old on Earth.

This summer, Shannon Aiken spent three days competing in eight events at the Crossfit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. It was the culmination of many hours of work.

One year ago, Aiken walked through the doors of Royal Barbell Crossfit for the first time. Owner Paden Stringer said he was thrilled with his arrival.

“He kind of found a home here,” Stringer said. “Our coaches love him because, A, he is personable, B, he is the fittest on earth, and C, he is just a great guy that is encouraging to everyone.”

Ten years ago, Aiken tried Crossfit for the first time when a buddy from Rogersville gave him the idea.

“We were very competitive with triathlons in the 90’s, and I thought if he could, I could too,” Aiken said.

But he didn’t find success right off the bat.

“It took five years to make my first games and I won a gold in them in 2017,” Aiken said.

Now, at 60, he is in peak physical condition.

“Being at Shannon’s level is unheard of,” said Stringer.

Winning another gold medal brought tears to Aiken’s eyes.

“It’s emotional. It just overcomes you and then when you win, it’s just a release,” Aiken said. “It’s like YES!”

Aiken plans to stay at it, training six days a week, two hours a day.

After all, there are more medals to win.