MOUNTAIN HOME, Ar. – Tucked back into the hills of Mountain Home, Arkansas, Rocky Ridge Refuge can best be described as a group home for animals.  Nearly 25 years ago a Watusi Bull named Lurch made a name for the refuge.  He broke the Guinness Book of World Records for Largest Horn Circumference. 

“Lurch came along, and he was just a little baby when I got him,” explains Janice Wolf, owner of Rocky Ridge Refuge.  “Nobody knew he would grow into the Guinness World Record for the largest horn circumference.”

The interest in Lurch allured thousands of visitors to Mountain Home, Arkansas through the years.  Over 50,000 people came to see Lurch from all over the world, “I had a Maasai Warrior come from Africa. I had people come from you name it!”

Lurch has passed, but Rocky Ridge Refuge is still going strong. 

Now, there are many dogs, a few capybaras, a tortoise, and the list goes on.  Every animal Janice rescues has a story and she knows them all by heart. 

“My little misfit group home,” laughs Janice.   “Ya, it’s a group home.  An animal group home.”

Janice has been rescuing animals her entire life, “I was born to do it.  Literally.  My first rescue I wasn’t even three years old yet.”

Nowadays, the limelight from Lurch has dulled.  Janice cares for fewer animals than she used to.  But, everyone still has a place at Rocky Ridge Refuge. 

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