TABLE ROCK LAKE, Mo. — After several days of rain, the water levels are up about 4 feet compared to last week.

On this week’s edition of Daybreak on the Lake, Jesse Inman and guide Eric Prey of Focused Fishing Guide Service hit Table Rock Lake once again.

Last week, the guys used a Kaitech Swimbait and did well. That bait is still biting, but this week they tried out something different.

This time, they used a Zoom white fluke lure without weight. The hook is a 4/0 extra-wide gap hook. About a foot up on the line, use a swivel to cut down on some of the line twist.

For this setup, cast it towards the bank and let it fall for about 7-8 seconds. It will fall about one foot per second, and a lot of the fish are biting around that depth. This will take a slow reel-in action, giving the rod a “twitch” motion every few seconds, and then let it fall back down again.

What this does is create a similar movement to a dying baitfish like a shad or bluegill.

With water levels up, the wind blowing, and murky water, it can be a bit more challenging, but patience is key! This is a bit of a slower style of fishing than using the swimbait.

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