TABLE ROCK LAKE, Mo — The debut of “Daybreak on the Lake” features KOLR10 Daybreak Anchor Jesse Inman catching a few bass with Eric Prey of Focused Fishing Guide Service.

The last week of April saw lots of rain, thunderstorms, and some confirmed tornadoes in the Branson area.

However, before those storms arrived, Fishing Guide Eric Prey took us out to Table Rock Lake to show us what is biting and some of the best techniques to make a catch.

“The next six weeks is probably the best time to fish Table Rock. We’ve got fish in all three phases of the spawn right now. Some of them are done, some of them are still spawning, and some of them are yet to spawn,” says Prey.

Prey says in a few weeks, more and more fish will be biting as an increased number of fish reach the post-spawn phase. That means they are less likely to be near banks or pockets of the shore guarding eggs.

On this outing, the guys used a Keitech Swim Bait, measuring at 2.8 inches long, rigged on a Jewel Gem Shad Swim Bait head. The hook sits just about in the middle of the bait, which gives the tail of the bait room to move.

The movement is meant to mimic that of a shad, which Prey says is what a lot of the fish are feeding on right now.

“Throw it out there, count it down about 7 seconds, and just reel it in on a steady retrieve,” says Prey.

Waiting a few seconds before reeling in gives it a chance to sink closer to the bottom of the lake, as the fish are likely to be slightly suspended from the bottom. Reeling it in at a steady pace helps give it the movement desired to mimic a shad.

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Good luck, and happy fishing!