TABLE ROCK LAKE, Mo. — You’ve probably heard of yoga and paddleboarding, but have you ever thought about combing the two?

Danielle Arzt, founder and lead teacher at Ozarks SUP Yoga, teaches us the basics of the practice in his edition of Daybreak on the Lake.

SUP stand for stand up paddleboard.

“SUP yoga is about immersing ourselves in nature and being able to absorb everything around us, so the fresh air, we have no walls, no ceilings, no floors. We have the open sky, the water beneath us and we are just here. So, it’s about being in the present and noticing what your body needs in the moment,” she said. “And to breathe, that’s what yoga is, it’s breathing.”

Arzt said it can be intimidating at first, and maybe a little challenging, but she says anyone can try it, no matter your age or experience level with yoga or a paddleboard.

“If you can breathe you can yoga and if you can stand on one foot on land, you can paddle,” she said.

Arzt says aside from the bliss you may experience from the practice, you will also get a pretty good workout. She says paddling itself is a total body workout – it strengthen the body and lengthens the muscles, you engage your core, which helps support your spine and lower back.

“Just combing the art of yoga and paddle boarding is so blissful,” she says.

Arzt has three tips for her students, especially for those starting out:

One – Slow down. Think about how fast you walk on land, cut that down in half for paddling on water.

Two – Notice your position on the board. Make sure you are centered on the board, right above the “sweet spot”

Three: Focus on the horizon. Keep your gaze on something stable that doesn’t move.

“SUP yoga invites us to really slow down, being mindful of our movements and really bring us back to the basics,” Arzt said.

Arzt has classes coming up in June, and also SUP yoga teacher training. For more information, and to schedule classes, check out her website and Facebook page.