LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — For this week’s Daybreak on the Lake segment, we went out with Jack Uxa of Jack’s Guide Service to try our luck with some catfish fishing out on Lake of the Ozarks.

Fishing for catfish is generally a much more relaxing and easier experience than going after the sport bass. Catfish are bottom-feeders and will eat just about anything you attach to your hook.

“They’ll eat hot dogs,” Uxa said. “You can come down here with your kids with some cheese. Obviously, nightcrawlers work just fine. They’ll take a lot of things”

This time, we threw out some crackers around our boat and put rolled-up bread slices on our hook to attract catfish. We threw our baited hooks into the water and simply waited for the bites to come — no reeling.

And come they did. We kept one of our first catfish catches of the day to make for some pretty delicious eating once we got back to the shore. Uxa suggested picking the catfish up with a special tool made just for the purpose, as catfish can sting you if you use your bare hands.

Once we were on dry land, Uxa expertly cleaned the catfish. We fried it up with some prepackaged fish breading, and served it with potatoes and broccoli. Some pretty good eatin’!