LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — For this week’s Daybreak on the Lake segment, we went out to Table Rock Lake with our fishing rods to search for some bass with Jack Uxa of Jack’s Guide Service.

Uxa gave us a few tips along the way. There was still quite a bit of summertime watercraft out on the lake, which can sometimes make it difficult to attract fish. But Uxa said that he gets excited around this time of the year because visitors to the lake are getting fewer now that school is starting up and vacations are ending.

Unlike last week at Table Rock Lake, we pulled in a handful of catches. We stuck mostly near marina docks.

“This time of year, it’s a really popular thing for us to do,” Uxa said. “A lot of the fish will gravitate toward the end of these docks.”

We used the same drop-shot technique we used last week, but this time we used some rubber needle worm lures from Tackle HD with 8-ounce weights. Uxa said he likes to keep his hook embedded in the lure rather than stick it through like anglers popularly do. This is to keep the hook from catching on various objects and structures around the dock. He said this shortly before I got my hook stuck on the dock.

Uxa proceeded to bring in multiple bass throughout our trip with his technique, sometimes in the middle of giving his advice. We jumped around the lake from time to time to keep things fresh.

“If you’re fishing off the docks, a lot of the times, you want to stay there and fish for an hour or something like that. Here, we’re going to catch the active ones — like I’m doing right now,” Uxa said, as he brought in a bass mid-interview. “And then, you know, we’ll move onto another spot.”

Anglers should let spots rest after they have fished them for a while. You want to allow the fish to get active there again, and you want to travel to a more active area to keep bringing in the bass. One of our last spots was a wave breaker, where we both started to bring in bass. In all, it was a far cry away from last week’s trip. Let’s hope next week’s Daybreak on the Lake keeps the good times rolling with some catfishing.