Republic, Mo. – Hundreds gathered to dedicated Convoy of Hope’s new worldwide distribution center.

“This space is nearly three times more capacity than the last one we had,” explained Convoy of Hope spokesperson Sara Forthetz.

The new facility is stacked to the ceiling with tons of disaster relief supplies. During times of need, people around the nation and world will be getting help and hope from this sprawling warehouse near Route MM and James River Freeway.

Forhetz stated, “The need is only getting worse because if you are watching this program you watch the news and you know there are natural disasters all over the world. Covid….millions of people were hungry and Convoy is meeting that need.

“What a great facility. And, when you think about they are feeding one million children every day, there are not many organizations around the world going to be able to say that. So, we are blessed to be able to gave Convoy of hope right here in Missouri,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson said.

Convoys previous facility was located on Patterson Avenue in east Springfield. That building was purchased by O’Reilly Automotive.

Matt Russell, mayor of Republic, said, “We are so excited to have Convoy of Hope in Republic, Missouri. When you get an opportunity to have an organization that mirrors our values as a community, like convoy of hope, it is just a win-win situation.”

Parson said, “We are proud it is here in Missouri. I think it just shows the heart and soul of who Missouri is.”

In addition to the warehouse dedication, the crowd witnessed the groundbreaking for a new world headquarters office building to be constructed next door.

The new campus will consolidate operations spread between several sites around the area.
It will be part office building and part training center. Along with serving as an office building, it will be home to various programs empowering women around the world to work to provide for their families, and educating farmers on how to better feed their communities.

Forhetz said, “It is best if you can teach a man how to fish. Because then it is sustainable. In other words they are not going to be in the food lines for their whole life.”

“I love it. I love hearing their plans and i know they will do great things,” stated Mayor Russell.

Convoy says construction on the new new world headquarters office building will begin soon and be done in about 18 months.