“Be Blessed” is collaboration between Ozarks FOX and Cami Jenkins, to provide inspirational faith based messages for our community.  Cami Jenkins is a local speaker, actor, wife and mother of 3.   

Cami has been speaking to groups of students, girls and women since 2007. She continues speaking to groups at schools and churches as well as acting in films, web series, and local and national commercials. She and her husband Josh are raising their three young boys in her hometown of Nixa, Missouri.

Cami began acting in high school and continued doing theatre through college while earning a B.A. in Biology as well as a M.S. in Education from Southwest Baptist University. She taught high school and college chemistry and also earned her Specialist Degree in Science Education from the University of Missouri. Cami has appeared in films such as Thy Neighbor (2016) and Silver Dollar Fish (2018).

Those are the facts, but here is what Cami would say about herself:
“I fervently love my family and friends. I adore my kids. I want to be a better mom, a better wife and a better friend. I can’t stop moving. I have to get the energy out by running, cleaning, cooking, or wrestling with my kids. I love to explore new places and I’m always on the look-out for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe or tips on perfectly smoking ribs.

I believe we need to stop complaining and just change what is within our reach. I believe that much of the advice we listen to is based on opinion and emotion rather than TRUTH of our worth and the worth of people around us.

I will always be a dreamer. My deepest desire is to inspire, to challenge, to encourage, and to love.”

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