Savannah Tennyson

Savannah is an Award-Winning Meteorologist who moved from Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she was previously the evening Meteorologist at KGWN. In Cheyenne, Savannah covered the snowstorm of March 2021 that dumped 31 inches of snow. Her dog Bandit, a Pekingese, moved here with Savannah; he is a 20-pound, 10-year-old man, but he acts like a puppy. He loves to go on walks, especially when it’s cool outside.

Through her school, the University of Tennessee at Martin, Savannah participated in a Tornado Chase in the Great Plains, where she saw the most beautiful tornado. Savannah presented an undergraduate research project on “Prolonged Severe Tornado Outbreak in the Context of Atmospheric Blocking” at the American Meteorological Society in Boston in 2020.

Savannah says living close to all the lakes makes her feel right at home as she grew up on the lake in Tennessee. Savannah knows the best water sports, from kneeboarding, wakeboarding, to slalom skiing, but she can also shred the mountains and snowboard.

“I love to explore new places to eat, hike, or anywhere that is cool. So, send me some suggestions on what I should do! Catch me on your screen Friday and Saturday nights!”

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