Cami Jenkins

Cami Jenkins

You can watch Cami on Ozarks Live and on Ozarks Fox AM.

Cami was raised in the Ozarks where she began acting in high school, doing mostly theatre but was in her first film, Ozarks: Legacy and Legend (1995) her senior year, for the Branson IMAX Theatre, directed by an Oscar Award winning director. Cami continued doing theatre through college, and received her B.A. and M.S. degrees from Southwest Baptist University. She taught high school chemistry, college chemistry and college education courses while she earned her Specialist Degree in Science Education with a concentration in Chemistry from the University of Missouri.

Cami has been speaking to groups of students, girls and women since 2007. She has appeared in films such as Thy Neighbor (2016) and Silver Dollar Fish (2018), winning a few Best Supporting Actress awards along the way. She continues speaking to groups at schools and churches as well as acting in films and local, national, and international commercials. You can currently catch Cami as the Co-Host of Ozarks Live! on KOLR 10. Her segment Be Blessed with Cami airs on the radio station 99.5 KADI. She and her husband Josh (who she’s been married to since 1999) are raising their three boys in her hometown of Nixa, Missouri.

She is passionate about family, exercise, travel, cooking and finding new experiences. She finds adventure in doing anything from the ordinary to the extreme like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Cami is a self-proclaimed dreamer and her greatest desires are to inspire, challenge, encourage and to love people well.

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