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There is more to the digital ecosystem than banner ads. At Nexstar Digital we utilize the common solutions (demographic targeting, retargeting, geofencing, etc) and we’ve developed our own proprietary solutions. We bring national scale and apply a local approach with all of our partners. is the Ozarks’ homepage! Our goal is for is to be the source of information for everything that is relevant and important in our community.

We would like to extend a welcome to local advertisers who want to reach Ozarkers in an environment where they are doing research and making buying decisions. is the perfect environment for your marketing message. The website has:

A Leading Local Media Advertising Company With National Reach

Our Products and Services

  • A clean responsive layout and easy navigation
  • Video rich platform which allows for pre-roll positions that will capture undivided attention
  • Limited advertising space will limit visual competition among other advertisers
  • Quality impressions for a targeted audience also has the most powerful marketing tool available to drive users to the site: television! is powered by KOLR10-TV, the CBS affiliate, KRBK5-TV, the FOX affiliate in Springfield, Missouri, and our independent station KOZL27-TV.

KOLR, KOZL, KRBK are committed to marketing through local programming, promotional spots and outside events and marketing. The power of television will drive hundreds of thousands of web users to our robust community portal.

Why should one person have to search the web for many different websites to accommodate their needs when has it all. The homepage has Community Events, News, Weather, Sports,  Ozark’s LIVE, Professionals, TV Listings and so much more!

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