Vac Truck: How does it work?

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Springfield, Mo. — A lot has to happen for water to flow in and out of your house with no hiccups. 

The sewer system has to be working well so that no water backups happen in your home. The City of Springfield has an entire system and a whole crew working to ensure all that is doing what it’s supposed to. 

An essential part of the process is the vac truck.

Jason Burch, sewer cleaning team leader, says it works like a giant vacuum truck, which makes sense given its name. In the video above, he shows us how the truck works. 

Sewer pipe system fast facts:

· There are approximately 1300 miles of pipes that make up the city’s sewer system.

· The pipes vary in size from 4 inches to 60 inches in diameter and are located at depths of 3 feet to 94 feet. New sewers are being built at a rate of 1-2 miles per year.

· The vac truck is a piece of equipment that is used for keeping the sewer systems clean by literally vacuuming debris out of a sewer manhole, allowing the material in the sewer line to flow without any obstructions. It’s like a big vacuum cleaner on wheels!

· The vac truck is an essential piece of equipment because it keeps the flow in the pipes moving by vacuuming debris out of the pipes.

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