SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — One in 13 children in the United States today have some food allergy, and that number continues to rise.

But they still want to partake in Halloween festivities, including – and most importantly – trick or treating. So the Teal Pumpkin Project is one way to make Halloween safe for kids who might have some food allergy.

A teal pumpkin symbolizes that a household is giving out non-food items! Although no chocolate may sound lame, there are plenty of toys you can give out without spoiling the fun of Halloween for kids.

Dietitian Amanda Allen shares some ideas: stickers, glow lights, erasers and pencils, bouncy balls, vampire teeth or spider rings.

And these are items all kids can enjoy, even if they don’t have food allergies.

You can also have both food and non-food items; just keep them in separate bowls.

The teal pumpkin also helps increase awareness about food allergies.

To find out more, click here, where you can also print off a flyer if you don’t want to paint your pumpkin.