SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Every day, an average of 1,000 to 1,200 tons of waste go to the landfill in Springfield. And the week after Christmas, the area generates 25-30 percent more waste than that average.

To help decrease the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill, Laurie Davis with the Springfield Environmental Services has some gift-giving ideas that will help not only the environment but maybe will cost you less money, too.

Laurie Tips:

The gift of time!
Spend time with the ones you love. Invest yourself in the people you care about.

“Thinking through the lens of holidays, gifts that are going to be meaningful and that will extend that gift-giving experience beyond the holiday season,” Davis said.

One of those examples is to take the time to tell people what it is we appreciate about them.

  • Put little notes in a little “happy bag.” The example Laurie brought in is made up of an 80 percent recyclable package.
  • Passes for places like the zoo, for example
  • A coupon book.
  • Paying a class: photography, pottery or dance class.

For more information on recycling click here or go to the Environment’ Services Facebook page where they post Holiday tips.