Low waste lunch: How to reduce trash during lunch

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Springfield, Mo. — How much waste are you creating just by packing a lunch?

Laurie Duncan, the education outreach coordinator at the Environmental Services for Springfield, has some tips for reducing the amount of waste we create every day, which piles up at the end of the week, a month, and even a year!

She says whether it’s for back to school, back to work, or at home, there are some easy to do ideas to reduce the amount of lunchtime trash.

Laurie’s tips:

· Start with how you pack and carry your food: Consider a reusable lunch box or insulated bag for taking your food. Bento boxes are also becoming increasingly popular.

· When purchasing food items, consider buying in bulk and then dividing into single-serve containers, rather than buying pre-packaged items usually packaged in single-use plastic containers.

· Pack meal items in reuseable containers and try to avoid using plastic baggies. Or consider wrapping sandwiches in reusable beeswax wrappers or invest in some reusable sandwich and snack bags.

· Pack a beverage in a reusable thermos and avoid the single-use water bottle!

· If your meal requires utensils, pack a silverware set from home, or consider investing in some reusable travel utensils.

· And finally, mind your manners and wipe the crumbs off of your face using a cloth napkin instead of a paper napkin.

More recycling information here.

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