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SPRINGFIELD, MO. – Dr. Laura Waters, a pediatrician at Mercy Hospital, joins Jenifer Abreu on Daybreak just in time for Thanksgiving to talk about picky eaters and how to prevent picky eating.

Yes, you can prevent it. Dr. Waters shares some tips on prevention and what to do if your child is already a toddler or in preschool and is a picky eater.

What are some steps to prevent picky eating?

Offer a variety of foods from the start. Dr. Waters says that babies’ taste buds are still immature before nine months, so they are open to lots of foods. She suggests feeding your baby different flavors and textures and provide balanced meals with veggies, meat and fruits.

Some strategies for picky eaters:

For toddlers, she says to wait until they are hungry. Another strategy that can help is to let them feed themselves and give them two choices –  one healthy option and one option she likes.

For preschoolers, Dr. Waters says let them choose a new healthy food at the store, have them help meal prep and talk about where food comes from.

Tips for parents – stay healthy and stay calm. She suggests not talking about what kids are and are not eating and never use food as a reward or punishment. Also, don’t feel pressure to make a second meal.

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