A Better You with Jen Abreu: Immune Boosting IV Therapy

A Better You

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — If you are looking for a way to boost your immune system, here’s an option.

It’s an IV drip. Vitamin Drip is now available in Springfield at 180 Health Medical & Wellness Center.

There are lots of benefits, and as we approach flu season and in the middle of a pandemic, we could all use a boost. 

Some options include a Vitamin C boost, an anti-inflammatory, one specifically for your skin, and one for pre-performance. 

The whole process takes about 45 minutes. 

Michelle Bay is a nurse practitioner at 180 Health, and she says first things first. She needs to make sure the IV drip is a viable option for patients. 

“Meaning if they have any preexisting condition, such as cardiac issues, diabetes, kidney disease, that we are making sure it’s something they can have,” she said. 

After a patient is hooked up, Bay says she checks their vitals every 15 minutes. She says these are all vitamins that you would naturally get from foods, nothing extra is added. 

“They are naturally occurring in your body, magnesium, B-vitamins. We don’t put any drugs, any unnatural additives to it. These are just to enhance your body and make you better,” she said. 

How often can someone get these IV drips? Vitamins are good for you, but can it also be too much?

Bay says it depends. 

“If we add some enhancements like Vitamin C, we want to weigh the options to see if you can do it once a week, or once a month,” she said. “Usually our bodies excrete everything we don’t need or use; if someone would have kidney disease, their body is not getting rid of stuff the way it’s supposed to. That’s why it’s imperative to have a health history on these patients, monitor their vitals while they are here and know what’s going on with the patient.”

But Bay says they also encourage their patients to take care of their health from all aspects and not rely on any supplement or preventative care alone. 

“We do that with all of our patients, whether they are getting the IV drip, hormone therapy, allergy testing, or regenerative medicine,” she said. “We think diet is a huge component, so we talk to them about anti-inflammatory options for diet, we try to start small and work into a bigger picture. But cutting down on refined sugars, sodas, and alcohol, which has a lot of sugar content. We try to make people make better choices for themselves.”

Because it is preventative, Vitamin Drip is not covered by insurance. It costs about $150. For more information, click here.

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