Participating business are:

Jared’s Jams – Edina, MO

In 2014, Jared had the privilege of representing Special Olympics at the United Nations, Convention for the Rights of People with Disability.  This opportunity allowed Jared to share with countries, with limited or emerging disability policy, the importance of creating an inclusive world.  Sharing how an inclusive education for all citizens creates an inclusive community, inclusive employment, and promotes opportunity for everyone to become a contributing/valued member of their community and world.  The awareness, empowerment and advocacy that emerge from growing in an inclusive environment generates meaningful lifestyles, personal fulfillment and thriving communities. 

Upon returning home from this remarkable United Nations experience, Jared sought a method to give back to Special Olympics for the opportunity!  He used the fruit from our family farm to make jams, sell at the local farmers market and to donate 100% of all sales to Special Olympics Missouri (at the time in the midst of a capital campaign to build state headquarters and facility for athletes in Jefferson City – today we have a remarkable facility that has allowed Special Olympics Missouri to do so much more for our athletes). After donating almost $6000 at the end of two years, Jared transitioned Jared’s Jams to a small business.

Continuing to make and sell his jam at the local farmers market, Jared also added events, craft fairs, festivals and expanded his product offering.  Jared’s brother, Joshua, helped Jared create three specialty blend coffees in order to offer gift baskets to his customers. We’ve also added fruit syrups (pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cheesecake and more) and vanilla extract to Jared’s Jams product line. 

In 2019, Jared was invited by Special Olympics to return to the United Nations Convention for the Rights of  People with Disability.  He was not alone this time, as he was one of 5 Special Olympic athletes providing a panel presentation of how inclusion had impacted their life; two of these were athletes from the United States and three were from other countries.

Jared’s Jams began a new journey in 2021 when his parents purchased and renovated an 86 year old building, on our local courthouse square, in order to build an FDA kitchen. As a “cottage industry” Jared was limited to selling his products in the state; however, an FDA kitchen would allow Jared to ship his orders across the United States and sale his product at events or shops in other states.  Jared’s Jams storefront and kitchen opened November 5, 2021.  We so appreciate the support of our community as Jared’s Jams continues to grow. His enthusiasm is contagious! He genuinely cares about others and simply wants to serve by helping others.

A few things that have occurred since opening Jared’s Jams store & kitchen in November 2021:

            Became a Buy Missouri business.

            Launched Jared’s Jams website & online store in February 2022. In October, we shipped our 100th online order.

            Became a MO Dept of Agriculture, Missouri Grown business.

            Was included in the Rural Missouri magazine, July 2022 issue, “Giving Back”.

            Was part of the Missouri Grown Market at the 2022 MO State Fair; handed out 1800 samples in 2 days.

            Continues to participate in regional events, festivals, etc. Has established a few partnerships with other businesses (Jared’s Jams are now in other small businesses as well! For example, A Pinch of Happiness Spice Shop in Camdenton, Bankheads Candies in Bowling Green, etc)

            Opened a coffee shop in our kitchen in September.

            Held our 1st Annual Customer Appreciation Day in late October.

            Received the KHQA-TV “Hometown Hero” Award in November.

            Was included in the Missouri Life magazine, Nov/Dec 2022 issue, “Spreading Goodness”.

            Hope to soon have local students (primarily those with disability) participating in “Work Experience” class within our shop to gain work readiness skills to prepare for employment. 

            Last week was Jared’s last meeting on the Special Olympics Board of Directors, after having served 8 years. He was greatly honored to have served in this capacity. He will continue to be a Special Olympic athlete in as many sports as possible!

            Jared, who has Down Syndrome, continues to share the message of inclusion for all at various events and activities.

Omni-Spring – Jefferson City, MO

Product: therapeutic wellness pillow

This woman-owned business takes pride in creating beautiful, handcrafted wellness pillows to sooth, comfort and relax your aches and pains away. Try their unique aromatherapy blends. Their pillows are handmade with 100% cotton, locally harvested golden flax seed, herbs and oils. All products may be used at room temperature for relaxation, but warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer for additional benefits.

Sweet Kickin Salsa – Grain Valley, MO

Product: salsa

The pride that I take in my salsa is something personal. I work diligently to ensure that each bite of Sweet Kickin Salsa has the pureness and great taste that no other can outperform. My family and friends are the cornerstone of why I want to share my recipe to the world and I have no doubt you too will appreciate Sweet Kickin Salsa the way that everyone else does.

For all our store locations or online ordering, check out our website at:

Giddy-Up Soy Candles – Freeburg, MO

Product: candle

Women-owned business since 2007. Giddy-Up Soy Candles are made with 100% soy bean wax and are hand poured just outside of Westphalia Missouri in Osage County. Soy wax is cleaner burning than petroleum based paraffin wax and is non-toxic – A HEALTHIER CHOICE! Giddy-Up Soy Candles are made only with quality essential and botanical oil fragrances that will continue to “throw” until the candle has burned completely. Only 100% cotton wicks are used, please trim before relighting. Offers fundraisers.

GOPO Gourmet Popcorn – Fulton, MO

Product: gourmet popcorn

This Woman-Owned Business creates small batch, super fresh gourmet popcorn that comes in flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth or savory cravings. In March 2013, my husband was hellbent on starting a unique popcorn destination. As crazy as it sounded there was no changing his mind. As all good things are started – out of desperation and drive for a more opportunities for our family – we created GOPO Gourmet Popcorn. Before opening our own storefront, we sold our popcorn out of a cute boutique named Plume. (And, we still do! You can arrange to pick up your orders from Plume when checking out online!) If I would have known how difficult it would be to get this business idea running, we probably wouldn’t have started. If we would have known how awesome it would feel to see the vision come to life, and all of the good that comes with it, we would have started sooner! We want to make GoPo a fun destination for all ages.We’d be happy to treat you! Visit our store located in Fulton’s Brick District to sample our fresh popcorn, enjoy a cup of coffee, and connect with friends. Our top flavors are always on tap! Offers fundraisers.

Long Row Lavender – Wright City, MO

Product: Lavender Body Butter

Long Row Lavender is a destination flower farm located in Wright City, Missouri. Our address is 26549 South Stracks Church Road, located just 2.2 miles South of I-70. Our farm features a lovely gift shop, café, coffee shop, as well as beautiful grounds with seasonal flowers. We are a small batch company specializing in hand-made bath and body products. You can contact us via email at or check out our website We can also be found on social media @longrowlavender.

Honeysuckle Acres – Hickory Hill, MO

Product: cinnamon creamed honey

It’s Honey. Reinvented.

Since 2007, Nick and Renee Kauffman and their children have worked hard at creating high quality products from the hive.  The desire was to one day be able to work totally from home, and not have to have an outside job.  This dream finally became a reality in 2013, and since then, many more products have been made to encompass the realm of all kinds of flavored honey, and healthy bath and body products.

Bees are Nick’s passion, and he loves taking care of them.   Being out in the peace and quiet of nature, and getting to observe them working is one of his great joys.

Honey is main thing we specialize in, but a close second are the bath and body products made from bee products, and other all natural substances.  So if you are looking for a place to get pampered – this is it. 

100% All Natural – We only make things that we would be comfortable using on us and our children (or grandchildren!)

Pure & Raw – Except for our creamed honeys, all our honey is pure and raw.  You can rest assured we never pasteurize or heat our honey to where it’s properties are destroyed.

High Quality Ingredients – We make sure each and every product we develop meet our high standards of quality control.

Tastes Good – Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste bad.  In fact, we believe the opposite.  All our edible products go through a taste testing phase to be sure you will love it!

Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings – Wentzville, MO

Product: garlic

In 1996, with a freezer full of beef, a jar of minced garlic and a spice rack, we created Ellbee’s Garlic Seasoning. Our one-of-a-kind moist, minced, garlic seasoning has grown to a family of eight different, delectable gourmet blends. We’re so happy to be helping families have simple, time-saving, delicious gourmet meals with all natural, gluten-free ingredients; and they’re made right here in America! Not only can you order online, we’ve opened a General Store to make it even easier to give it a try or rebuy…it’s the best buzz your food will ever have!

Now you can buy Ellbee’s seasonings and all the grilling, brining, and cooking accompaniments at Ellbee’s General Store in old-town Wentzville, Missouri. As you step into Ellbee’s old brick store, you’ll be transported to a simpler time, when soda and candy shops were the place for families to enjoy each other and have a sweet treat.

Schneider Farms – Hermann, MO

Product: snack sticks

Our family farm raises corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle and pigs in Gasconade and Osage counties. Our children were active in 4-H and FFA and showed pigs for several years. In 2014, Justin started raising pigs for his FFA SAE project.  In 2015, the farm raised pork was added to his FFA SAE project.  Megan was also very active in FFA and also raised swine for her FFA SAE project.  Both kids are very active in the farming operation in addition to starting their own cattle herds.

We raise all the animals which go into our meat products and have them all processed at a USDA inspected facility. We are very proud to be a part of Missouri agriculture and take pride in raising high quality animals that will allow us to provide a high-quality product to our customers.

In addition to the snack sticks and summer sausage that are available on, we also sell frozen meat such as bratwurst, steaks, breakfast sausage, chicken and much, much more.  We are in the process of creating a new website for our frozen meat,

Arcadia Valley Soap Company – Ironton, MO  

Product: 2 bars of their new 2022 Christmas Soap Mint To Be Jolly (which is mainly peppermint)

Arcadia Valley Soap Co. is a small, family-owned business located in the heart of Arcadia Valley region in Ironton, Missouri. We are dedicated to showcasing the natural beauty and history of our region through our handmade soap and other personal care products. Our unique brands – MoSoap and Botanical Earth – offer something for everyone, and we are proud to offer high-quality, American-made products that support our local community.

Tastachios – Kirkwood, MO

Product: Tastachio Wood Fire Roasted Pistachios

Tastachios are wood fire roasted pistachios. Using customized roasters, they created and perfected a wood fire roasting method to create an all-natural flavor that they have not found in any other product in the marketplace.

Their website also includes a recipe section which has links to fun recipes that use their pistachios, like a Tastchio Cheese Ball, Tastchio Clusters and a Tastacio Blue Cheese Butter!

Tastachios can be found in retail locations across the state – including Price Cutter stores and Hyvee in Springfield.

Show-Me Bar-B-Que Sauce – Rocheport, MO

Product: BBQ Sauce

Show-Me® Bar-B-Q Sauce is a simple delicacy comprised of 8 ingredients that has no added water, no added preservatives, no added fillers, no gluten, and never requires refrigeration. The savory creation was first made in a small Missouri kitchen in the late 1960’s by then professor, veterinarian and retired Col. Harry H. Berrier.

Harry recognized that most sauces at the grocery stores were “filled with junk.” He said none of them tasted good and they were all made cheap to turn as much profit as possible by adding fillers & preservatives minimize valuable ingredients and extend the shelf life. Show-Me® has only the good stuff in it, pure ingredients and nothing else. Ketchup, Brown Sugar, Salt, Liquid Smoke, Worcestershire, Horseradish Mustard, Garlic, Chili Powder.

After a few years of making it for a growing number of friends and family, he was convinced to start selling it. In March of 1975 Harry and his beloved wife Lina started Show-Me® Bar-B-Q Sauce, Inc. in the basement of their home outside Columbia. He used his knowledge of chemistry to make the sauce with a pH below 4, a crucial point below which almost no bacteria or harmful pathogens can survive. This means that Show-Me® can be left unrefrigerated for years at room temperature, even after the seal has been broken, just give it a good shake and enjoy.

They made the sauce in small batches using household kitchen appliances, then carefully poured it into glass bottles. These bottles were shipped out to anyone who would call or send a letter to their house asking for some of their incredible bar-b-q sauce. Local grocery stores gradually added it to their shelves at the request of customers eager to have Show-Me® Bar-B-Q Sauce in their homes. The Berriers turned their whole basement into the factory and office of their small business where it would continue until 2016 with the help of neighborhood kids and family friends.

Word and love for the unique sauce spread far and wide overs the years. When Harry passed away in 2013 not a single dollar had been spent on advertising or marketing and yet Show-Me® had been sent to customers in all 50 states, 11 countries, and several military bases around the world. Lina passed away 3 years later, leaving the business to longtime friends and neighbors.

Today we still make Show-Me® Bar-B-Q Sauce the same way Harry first did all those years ago, sourcing only the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers. While the bottle and label might have changed a bit over time, the sauce inside will always be the same.

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