Tuesday, April 17 Midday Forecast

Mostly sunny, breezy, & warm today

Mostly sunny, breezy, & warm today ---

Today will be beautiful! 

A low develops to our west over the Rockies today, and swings a warm front through the Ozarks. The warm front will keep us mostly sunny, breezy, and warm! Southeast winds could gust 25-30 mph today. Highs shoot into the middle and upper 70's, forecasting 77 degrees for Springfield!



The low pushes towards the Ozarks tonight and tomorrow. While it is large and potent, it severely lacks moisture. With no juice to work with as it passes to our north, we will stay dry!

Partly cloudy skies tonight and mild with lows around 50 degrees.



Tomorrow we'll keep mostly sunny skies, but kick a north and westerly wind behind that front. Winds could gust to 30-35 mph on Wednesday. With dry air wrapping around the low, relative humidity values will drop to about 30-35%, outdoor burning is NOT recommended! 

Highs will be cooler as a cooler air mass works its way into the area, highs in the middle 60's.

Thursday the cool air arrives behind a second push of northerly winds behind a secondary front. Skies remain mostly sunny but highs get stuck in the upper 50's.

We'll warm into the 60's again on Friday with increasing clouds ahead of our next system.

It looks like our weekend rain-maker has slowed down some. We should stay dry, but mostly cloudy most all of Saturday. Highs make it into the lower 60's, rain holds off until late in the evening and overnight.

Showers become more likely on Sunday as the low passes to our south. With the southerly path, we'll steer clear of severe weather chances, but keep cool and cloudy conditions. Highs on Sunday get stuck in the middle 50's with spotty showers.

Rain pulls off to our southeast by Monday, we should be dry with decreasing clouds and highs warming back into the 60's.



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