Missouri Constitutional Amendment Results

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Published 08/05 2014 10:48PM

Updated 08/06 2014 05:40PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Missouri’s primary election ballot was heavy on constitutional amendment issues.

With 96% of the vote reported and counted by the Missouri Secretary of State, here is a breakdown on how each issue was voted on:

Transportation Tax

Constitutional Amendment 7 imposes a three-quarters cent increase on state sales and use tax to fund roads and other transportation projects. The tax is estimated to bring in at least $540 million annually over 10 years. The sales tax is expected to cover more than 200 projects just in the Southwest District.  NO 590,963 (59%)  YES 407,532  (41%)


Constitutional Amendment 1 explicitly guarantees farmers and ranchers the right to engage in their livelihoods and produce food for others. What that means, however, has been a point of debate in the Missouri agricultural community.  Supporters say all farmers and ranches need protections due to out-of-state restrictions in certain practices.  Opponents say the amendment would provide protections to large corporate and multinational agricultural businesses. They say the amendment would make it harder for family farmers and ranchers to protect themselves.  The final vote on this amendment was YES 498,751 (50%) NO  496,223 (50%)  note:  With just over 2,500 votes deciding this issue, a recount may be conducted after the results are made official by the Missouri Secretary of State's office.

Gun Rights

Constitutional Amendment 5 establishes the unalienable right of citizens to keep and bear arms, ammunition and accessories associated with the normal functioning of arms for the purpose of defending themselves, family, home and property.  It also removes the exception to the current constitutional right to bear arms that explicitly states it can’t be used to justify the wearing of concealed weapons. The amendment allows the state to limit the possession of arms by convicted felons and those adjudged as mentally ill.   The final vote on this amendment was YES 602,076 (61%)  NO  385,422 (39%)

Veterans Lottery

Constitutional Amendment 8 creates a Missouri Lottery game to benefit veterans' nursing homes and cemeteries.  Currently Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Texas have special lotteries with profits for veterans’ programs.   The final vote on this amendment was NO   538,575 (55%)  YES  $440,369 (45%) 

Privacy Rights

Constitutional Amendment 9 expands the state's current warrant requirements for police to carry out searches or seizures to cover electronic data and communications.
The final vote on this amendment was YES  728,549 (75%)  NO 246,020 (25%)

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