Family Friend Fears Tyrrell Murders Investigation Will Go Cold

Published 06/10 2014 05:09PM

Updated 06/10 2014 06:42PM

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. -- It's been more than a month since the daughter of Gary and Jan Tyrrell found them dead in their home on S. Greenbrier Ave. in Springfield.

Now, their friends are looking for answers in the case.

The Tyrrells moved from Mountain Grove to Springfield two decades ago.

James Shannon says he and the Tyrrells went to church together as children, Gary even taught James at the beginning of his teaching career.

But, Shannon fears, unlike other couples who were murdered, the case surrounding Gary and Jan Tyrrell is being kept much quieter.

“The one main thing I thought was: Who would want to hurt them?” asks Shannon.

Friends since childhood, Shannon said he and his friend Gary traded in silver and gold for decades and Gary had an affinity for antique clocks.

“Every day at work reminds me of Gary,” he says.

Shannon says Gary and Jan Tyrrell were generous people

“I just couldn't figure out why somebody would want to do something like that to them,” he says. “When if they needed something all they would have to do is ask.”

Shannon says he doesn't want his friends to be forgotten.

“I watch the news just about every night if I can and it would just be nice to know that they are still working on it,” he says.

The educator and his wife who dedicated herself to volunteering and selling Avon made a huge impact in this community.

“If he hadn't taught some of the older people, he's taught their kids and grand kids,” says Shannon.

But, Shannon is concerned the case will go cold.

“Even though Gary and Jan moved away from here, people still want to know,” he says.

They're interested in what kind of progress is being made toward the case.

“Keeping us updated on if they have any new suspects or persons of interest,” says Shannon. “At least let us know they are still working on the case and it hasn't been put on the back burner somewhere, you know, that they haven't been forgotten.”

Shannon feels keeping it top-of-mind might lead to a tip or may appeal to someone’s conscience.

“Whoever done it, person or people you know, they need to pay for it,” he says. “Because they snuffed out two very good people that could have been beneficial to Springfield or Mountain Grove.”

Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams issued statements in email exchanges with local media.

Williams says rest assured the investigation is ongoing, there is no indication this was a random act, nor any reason for citizens to be fearful.

"We will issue an update when it is appropriate to do so,” says Williams in the email. “In the meantime, I would appreciate your help in reassuring the public that their police department is doing exactly what they are supposed to do, and what is expected of them."

He says this is an open and active homicide investigation

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