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Woman Behind DC Chase, Shooting a Mystery

WASHINGTON, DC -- Officials have been able to answer few questions after a chaotic scene near the U.S. Capitol, Thursday. Some of the most spectacular moments were caught on camera.
This new video shows some of the chaos during the incident near the Capitol, where a patrol car crashes into a barrier.

Officials haven't been able to answer many questions yet about the suspect, Miriam Carey, or her motives.

Officers arrived at her relative's home in Brooklyn, New York, last night...trying to gather information.

"It's out of the ordinary, so of course they're shocked. It's a family member, as well, as how this whole thing occurred because no one knows exact circumstances of how this really occurred," says Eric Sanders, a family spokesman.

After the shooting, investigators and bomb squad units evacuated the complex where Carey lived in Stamford, Connecticut, to search her apartment.

"He said that it's a sensitive area, I have to run in, I have about five, ten minutes to get all my stuff and get out for the next eight or so hours," said one resident.

Alhurra TV captured this video, Wednesday, near the U.S. Capitol. Keep in mind, as you watch this, there is a one-year-old child inside this black infinity. The driver strikes a barrier, backs into a patrol car, then speeds away. Officers open fire, not knowing about the child.

Police caught the driver at a traffic circle a few blocks away, opening fire again -- this time killing the woman. The one-year-old appeared to be okay.

The wild chase had started near the white house, where secret service stopped the woman's car at a security check point. She was later found to be unarmed, but police say she used her car as a weapon -- striking a secret service officer before speeding away.

(Andrew Spencer, CNN)

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