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Winter Weather Puts Damper on Area Businesses

BRANSON, Mo. -- Businesses in the Ozarks are working hard to recover after winter weather negatively impacted sales.
BRANSON, Mo. --  Sidewalks and streets are not the only things impacted by the wintery mix.

The weather negatively impacted many businesses in the Ozarks.

With the holiday season here, stores across the Ozarks are now just hoping they can redeem the sales they lost from a lack of shoppers from the weather.

"The weekend was snowy," says Tanger Outlets General Manager Jamie Whiteis.

As the icicles left behind continue to melt and drip and as the sidewalks are cleared, stores hope for a pick up in business to gain back what the weather lost.

"It should've been a very busy weekend for us," says Silver Spur Western Wear Manager Linda Hertz.  "And obviously it wasn't."

The snow and ice forced businesses across Branson to close their doors Friday.

"It's been very slow," says Hertz.

"No time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is it good for something like this to happen," says Whiteis.  "But we survived.  We got through it and will deal with it."

Branson stores were expecting a busy weekend but that was hampered by the snow fall.

"Should've been our last big hurrah," says Hertz.  "And it wasn't."

The snow and ice forced people to stay inside.

"Typically, this would be our second busiest weekend of the holiday season after Thanksgiving," says Whiteis.  "The first weekend in December is typically a good weekend.  All the shows are still going on in December and stuff so there are people in town."

"After that it's pretty dead in Branson for a few months," says Hertz.

Some store managers say there's no way of regaining the revenue lost by Mother Nature.

"We are still trying to make up from a tornado a year and a half ago," says Hertz.  "And honestly it hasn't come back from that, so no, we can't make it up."

Nonetheless, 'tis the season for giving.  Businesses are hopeful shoppers will be generous as we head toward Christmas.

"We've got quite a few days between now and Christmas," says Whiteis.  "So hopefully this sunshine will inspire people to get out and do some shopping at Tanger Outlets."

"Keep chugging along," Hertz says.  "We've been in business for 33 years and it's just another struggle.  We have to pray we make it through one more time."

Although shoppers weren't out and about in the snow and ice, some stores tell us people were continuing to shop online which was helpful.

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