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Will You Be Breaking Your New Year's Resolutions?

(Springfield, MO) -- It's a new year, but will your resolutions last?

(Springfield, MO) -- It's a new year, but will your resolutions last?

According to USA.gov, Americans commonly resolve every year to do the following: lose weight, eat right, get fit, manage debt, save money, get a better education or job, drink less alcohol or quit smoking, reduce stress, take a trip, and help others.

Millions of people make those resolutions, but by the end of January, they're just a memory.

What was surprising with the people we met here in Springfield is the level of confidence they have in their ability to stay focused.

"I am quitting smoking," proclaims Kyle Thomas of Springfield.

"I have resolved to just be content with what life gives me," says Rhonda Galbraith, also of Springfield.

And they're not alone. Quitting smoking is one of the top resolutions people make every year.

"I will definitely quit this year," says Thomas.

And why does that same resolution top the list every year? Because it's not that easy.

But Thomas says now he has the motivation to quit.

"Kids, new career, just a good thing to go hand in hand with it."

And while exercising more, eating healthier, and drinking less are also typical New Year's resolutions, Rhonda's goals are more spiritual.

"Well, I'm a Christian and I believe that God provides for us and he has a plan for me and if I can't be content with what he gives me then I'm not really living the life."

So why do people wait until New Year's to make changes?

"Tradition I guess," says Thomas.

But there is something about a new year that gives people the incentive to start fresh.

"You make promises to yourself all the time, but for some reason, even on New Year's Eve, there seems to be more of a resolve to get it done," says Thomas.

"Oh I probably make resolutions throughout the year, but it's the tradition of 'it's the New Year, it's the beginning' so you try to start something new to improve yourself," says Rhonda.

So while studies show that three out of every four people won't follow through on their resolution, Thomas doesn't think he'll be one of them.

"I'm going to need a little support but I think I'll be able to do it!"

Whatever resolution you make, if you fall down one step, don't throw yourself down the whole staircase. If you get off track, just start over.

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