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Wednesday's Chiefs Camp Report

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Nick Carboni and Justin Dougherty talk with defensive end Glen Dorsey as Chiefs training camp winds down.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo--The Kansas City Chiefs are only two days away from breaking camp and heading back to Arrowhead.

Saturday night they'll battle the Rams for the Governor's Cup, KOZL's Nick Carboni and Justin Dougherty have been at camp all week and filed this report.

Nick Carboni/KOZL Sports: "Our third day here at Chiefs camp in St. Joe.

Again Brandon Flowers not practicing with his bruised foot.

Dwayne Bowe still with his holdout.

But we have a lot of other guys to talk about who are on the field."

Justin Dougherty/KOZL Sports: "My topic today is Glenn Dorsey.

Now in his fifth season, Dorsey has become the veteran of this defensive line.

The first of three first round d-line picks in the last five drafts, Dorsey had quiet success in his young career.

Something the coaches are pleased with and are now challenging Dorsey to do in 2012."

"It's that leadership," said Chiefs defensive end Glenn Dorsey. "We have a young group and he put a lot on me. I welcome the challenge. I take it on. A lot of young guys are looking at me, and other guys too to see how we do things. We have to put our best foot forward and show them the way to go."

Justin: "Dorsey just has four sacks over his five years but he's doing something the coaches want him to do and that's stopping the run."

Nick: "They're going to have to look to do that in their second preseason game.

That's coming up Saturday night in St. Louis against the Rams.

"Some guys have some bumps and bruises and that's part of training camp," said coach Romeo Crennel. "And they get cold tubs and ice packs and all those things to get themselves well. That's where we are. So we're excited about the game coming up this weekend. And playing another team and seeing where we are

as far as this team goes."

Nick: "Romeo's excited for the Rams game, we're excited for the Rams game.

We're going to have the Rams game here on KOLR 10.

And right before the game, the KC Blitz coming at you at 6:30.

But we wanted to end things with a bang this week."

Justin: "We have some fans from Appleton City, Dan we're hanging out with them in St. Joe.

But were coming back to you Thursday because we know you're getting lonely, so hang tight and we'll be back.

Go Chiefs."

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