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WEB EXTRA: 10 Interesting Crowdfunding Projects on Crowdit

What do a children's book, a star observatory and online business cards have in common? They're all projects soliciting money through CrowdIt, a tech start-up in Springfield.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- What do a children's book, a star observatory and online business cards have in common? They're all projects soliciting money through CrowdIt.com, a tech start-up in the Missouri State University eFactory.

Below are 10 of the most interesting projects on the site. Also be sure to check out KOLR10's follow up with the site's founders one week into their launch.

1.) A gym in Arizona--The user who posted this project calls himself  "Joel" and says he is "trapped in the confines of a monotonous corporate job." Joel wants to start a CrossFit gym in his community because he enjoys the rigorous workout routine. So far seven people have donated more than $3 thousand. A promotional video features a talking cow.

2.) A book about a girl with no hair --The title of the book is "Maddie - Teaching Tolerance with a Smile." The user describes says he wrote the book "...to help children living with all forms of the inurable autoimmune hair loss disease, alopecia." The book has already been written, the user is trying to publish. More than 20 donors, $1550 raised.

3.) Storm shelters for schools- A Joplin-based group is raising money to put storm shelters in schools. The project has one of the site's loftier goals--$30 thousand--but so far only a handful of people have contributed.

4.) Non-GMO Seeds in Colorado - In light of recent Monsanto controversies over Genetically Modified Seeds, this user wants to raise money to create seeds that are GMO free.  Some of the perks for donating include seed packets, and recognition on the user's website. 

5.) Virtual Business Cards --Springfield-based OneCard and founder Jeremy Bartley are trying to raise $100 thousand to expand their company. The site lets users create a business card that's viewable online and transferrable via smartphone. 

6.) Coffee from Ethiopia-One of the top performers on the site so far, the user has earned more than one thousand dollars in the first week. The project's goal is to "...bring the best coffee in the world to the United States while helping our African brothers and sisters." It's fair trade coffee, and the user describes the taste as "transcendent." The posting comes with a great graphic explaining the rewards system.

7.) Electronic toilet-One of several inventions on the site. The user who posted this claims that it will prevent leaking and overflows in toilets. The cartoon frog definitely adds to the charm.

8.) Dave-And-Busters-Style Driving Range - Combines golf, beer, and a fun atmosphere. The project's listing does not specify where the range actually is, but is asking for $3.5 million. So far it's raised $3. But if you donate just a dollar you'll get free games for life!

9.) The "Knuckle Racket." - This dreamer, according to the posting, invented tennis racquets that attach to an athlete's hands, letting him or her punch at balls. He is also trying to develop leagues that will use the racquets in games.

10.) An Observatory in Sardinia -As in Italy. As the project's poster points out, "Watching the heavens inspires dreams and expands horizons for people of all ages." The dreamer behind the post is a graduate student who is planning to buy some land in the mountains to build a four-telescope observatory to look at the stars.

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