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Use Taxes Rejected by SW MO Voters

SOUTHWEST MISSOURI -- Voters were not in the mood for more taxes Tuesday - use tax issues failed in Greene, Christian and Webster counties.
SOUTHWEST MISSOURI -- It's Election Day and several Ozarks counties made decisions on several issues.

In Greene County, voters rejected a use tax on internet purchases.  It would have raised about $3 million a year.

  • 6654 (Yes)  
  • 8486 (No)

“The voters of Greene County have spoken and a majority did not vote in favor of the Use Tax,” says the Greene County Commission in a statement released after votes were finalized. “While we are tremendously disappointed, we wish to express our thanks to those citizens who exercised their right and duty to come out and vote on an important issue which will affect our community.”

Christian County also put a use tax question on the ballot.  It failed by a large margin.

  • 961 (Yes)  
  • 3750 (No)

Howell County asked voters to increase the property tax levy for operations.

Voters approved the hike.

  • 183 (Yes)  
  • 114 (No)

Webster County voters rejected a ballot question that would have put a use tax in place to match the local sales tax.

  • 471 (Yes)  
  • 1164 (No)

And Ozark County voters said yes to a  $750,000 school bond for improvements in Gainesville. But according to the Ozark County Times, the issue failed because it required a 2/3 majority vote to pass.

  • 354 (Yes)  
  • 353 (No)

The Mid-County Fire Protection District asked Camden County voters for a tax levy increase. 

  • 336 (Yes)  
  • 646 (No)

Voters said no by a margin of about 2 to 1.

And in Taney County, voters were asked to vote on a combined 911 call-taking, dispatch tax. More than 1,700 voters said "yes" tonight. But the majority, more than 2,400, said "no."

  • 1,777 (Yes)
  • 2,414 (No)

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