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UPDATE: Murder Charges Filed in Hit and Run Death

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Second degree murder charges have been filed against 24 year old Blake Basten in connection to a hit and run death near MSU's campus in November.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --  A man faces a murder charge for the death of a bicyclist although he was not the person who ran over the victim.

Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson filed a second degree murder charge against 24-year-old Blake Basten. 

Patterson believes a woman ran over the cyclist near Missouri State University in November, but he believes Basten is really to blame.

"I can't think of any case similar to this," says Patterson.  "The facts are really quite unique."

Tuesday marked exactly one month since a high-speed chase down Kimbrough killed 23-year-old Zachary Gibson.  Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson charged 24-year-old Blake Basten with second degree murder although he wasn't actually driving the car that hit Gibson.

"If you commit a felony and in the course of that felony someone dies, you are held responsible for that and it becomes murder in the second degree," Patterson says.  "And a felony charge."

Patterson believes 31-year-old Shannon Smith hit the cyclist.  She claims Basten was chasing her.  Smith is charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

"There's nothing common about this case," says Patterson.  "It's unusual to have a domestic assault situation where you have someone chasing another individual, in fact, past the police department where they're caught on camera pushing the other car and driving at the other car and ultimately resulting in this chase through Kimbrough."

Basten was picked up in a stolen car four days later.

Felony Criminal Defense Attorney Dee Wampler is not part of this case, but he says ultimately, a jury will decide if Basten is guilty of murder.

"Since there's a death involved and a person is in their grave, the jury is going to take this very seriously," Wampler says.

Wampler adds that second degree murder can carry ten to thirty years, or life imprisonment.

Patterson tells us the case is still under investigation, but that these charges are the best to hold everyone accountable for the death in this case.

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